Young Voices

Young Voices

I just got back from Italy, Greece, Croatia and Malta. It was fantastic. I haven’t been able to post much lately due to travel, but hope to be online more regularly now that I’m back in town.

There are many opinions about what age is appropriate for young singers to start studying voice. The truth is that the technique that I teach (speech-level-singing) can be used by singers of any age, even very young voices. A child is not physiologically at a disadvantage due to their age; however, the problem that does seem to show up among very young singers is one of attention span. Vocal technique can be very boring to a child. Often times a child wants only to sing songs, not scales. My recommendation is that children under age 10 study an instrument such as piano as well as working with a youth chorus until they are of an age where they are able to focus for longer periods of time on the often abstract principles of vocal technique.

Occasionally a very young child can be quite precocious and focused, and such children can benefit greatly studying vocal technique. Please remember that Speech-Level-Singing is a very safe technique and no harm can come to any voice of any age who studies the technique under the supervision of a qualified instructor, and who practices and sings responsibly. I suggest that a parent of a young child who is interested in voice lessons bring the child in to a qualified teacher for a lesson or two and see how the child does. If the child can commit to practicing each day according to the instructions of the teacher, then all is well. However, a child should never be forced to commit to singing; they should be committed to the art themselves if they are to study.

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