Why Good Singing Can Seem Elusive

Why Good Singing Can Seem Elusive

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Let’s look at a few facts here: Popular music is almost always pitch corrected, tempo corrected and dynamically compressed into a brick wall of sound. Dynamics, phrasing and subtly are impossible under those conditions.

Young listeners “learn” what is “good” about music by listening to recordings. These young singers, when they hear an actual live vocal performance that is not enhanced by these types of extreme processing reject the performance as being somehow “wrong” because it is not what they have learned “good” music sounds like. The performers who must support their recorded music in concerts will often have to resort to lip-synching or singing with a track due to the fact that the sounds made on the recordings are not actual human sounds at all.

Then, we have televised “singing” competitions in which the singers are all instructed to find “emotion” in their performance which really means “yelling.” What singers believe is correct singing, is not a natural sound at all. Why is it that beautiful music is not acceptable? I believe it is because it is a learned response based on the “music” that has been fed to young ears over the past couple of decades.

There is light at the end of this tunnel. Currently, there is a  movement of real singing and real music rising up. Real singing will never be extinct. The more we hear good, real singing, the more we want to hear. Go out and listen to some real live music and real live singing tonight!

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