Vocal Exercises Anywhere!

Vocal Exercises Anywhere!

Vocal Exercises

Vocal Exercises Anywhere!

Don’t have a good recording of a vocal workout handy? No sweat! Just go to the vocal exercises page on my website. There you will find recordings of several foundational vocal exercises that will help you.

To begin with, each recording is available for four voice ranges.

Each vocal range has its own playlist. ?Simply click on the upper left corner of the playlist you want. There you can simply choose whichever recording you want.

Each exercise is available in two ways: with a guide melody and without. Each version has a chordal piano accompaniment. The guide melodies are played on a synthesized wind instrument.

If you are fairly new to vocalizing, I recommend that you use the recordings with the guide melodies until you have learned the exercises thoroughly.

As you progress as a singer, practice vocalizing the exercises with only the piano accompaniment. This will begin to increase your skills of good intonation, and of carrying a melody on your own.

Especially relevant, these recordings are a great way to get a good daily workout between regular voice lessons. However, if you are unsure how to vocalize properly, please get some good private instruction!

Finally, I hope you enjoy working with these new materials; remember that these materials are absolutely free!



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