Singing Programs

Singing Programs

I offer several comprehensive, rigorous, and challenging long term programs in several categories which are geared towards the most serious and committed students of singing.

These programs require a long term commitment and are therefore priced at a much lower per lesson rate than any my normal voice lessons, packages or monthly rates.

These programs are excellent for college preparation, professional singers, or intensive personal artistic development.

Classical Singing Program

I teach singers of all styles of music; however the way I approach training classical singers is unique to all other styles. I have a special program which I have developed for the demands required of singers of classical music.

Musical Theater Program

The GBVS Musical Theater Training is a comprehensive, complete, thorough and systematic programs for training musical theater singers. I have been achieving consistently exemplary results with all my musical theater singers for the past 20 years.

Scales and Etudes Program

This program is an intensive study of traditional Bel Canto scales and vocalises. I originally developed this training to thoroughly prepare singers of all genres for tours and extended recording sessions. I have discovered, however, that non touring singers also enjoy this course, as it provides an intensive and thorough technical training that is unparalleled.

Ear Training & Sight Singing Program

I have a special program for singers who wish to focus their time and energy on ear training, sight singing and music theory. The GBVS Ear Training & Sight Singing Program is an intensive, complete, thorough and systematic program for ear training and sight singing, that gets results.

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