Help For Singers

Help For Singers

Guy’s Singing Tips

I’ve created over 75 singing tips, condensed down into easy to understand and bite-sized pieces.

Breathing and Support

Learn how to breathe for singing. Don’t allow anyone to make it more complicated than the masters of the Old Italian School of Singing gave it to us!

Singing FAQs

Over the years, I often hear these questions asked over and over by singers from various levels of experience. Click the button below to learn the answers to these frequently asked questions…

Singing Dos and Don’ts

We all pick up habits, good and bad, along the way to learning how to sing. Make sure you know which habits you should keep and which habits you need to overcome to improve your singing.

Singing Exercises

These videos are intended for either advanced singers, or to support vocal study with a good teacher. If you are a beginner, I recommend that you get training with a teacher.


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Vocal Exercises