Musical Theater Program

Musical Theater Program

I teach singers of every style and genre of music; however musical theater singers have some unique requirements. I have developed a specialized program to meet the demands required of musical theater singers.

The GBVS Musical Theater Training is a comprehensive, complete, thorough and systematic programs for training musical theater singers. I have been achieving consistently exemplary results with all my musical theater singers for the past 20 years.

The minimum commitment in the Program is six months; however, best results are obtained by students who train in the Program for 2 to 4 years.

Students in the Program take a one-hour lesson with me every week.

What the Program Includes

Singing Technique

The basis of ALL my singing lessons is technique first.

I exclusively use the IVA system in my studio for training every voice type and style of music, including musical theater. You will be able to utilize all the exercises and tools you learn from me for the entirety of your career in singing.

The IVA singing method is the very best technique for preparing and maintaining your voice to withstand the challenges of singing all styles of musical theater repertoire, including legit, character and belt.

You will learn how:

to balance and blend all of your vocal registers

to support your voice effectively

to build power in your voice

To develop the healthiest ways to sing in the various MT styles, from legit to belt.

Building Your Rep and Audition Books

As a musical theater performer, one of the most important things you will need is your repertoire book. This book is best built slowly, over time. Every song in your book must be well thought out and decided with due diligence.

During this training, a great deal of time and energy will be spent in discovering the types of songs that are both necessary to show your versatility as a performer, as well as the songs that fit the types of roles you can actually play. This has to do with understanding the types of characters you will be best suited for and tailoring the book around those types.

There are many different categories of songs that will go into this book (classical/legit, contemporary, character, comedy, ballad, up tempo, pop, rock, etc.).

In addition to your repertoire book, you will be building a book of audition songs which work best for your voice, your acting skills and your type. These songs will be organized by category, and will be “cut” properly according to current audition standards.

All the music in your books will be accompanist ready. These books will give you great advantages in both auditions and callbacks.

Song Interpretation and Development

We take a great deal of time in developing your ability to discover, integrate and communicate the character, emotions, motives and back-stories inherent in all the songs in your repertoire. You will be challenged to find a perfect and dynamic balance between technique and emotional impact in your performances. This intensive work will pay huge dividends when it comes time to audition for shows, competitions and colleges.

College Audition Prep

There are many challenges specific to college auditions which are vital to all high school students in this program. It is necessary to begin preparing for your college auditions one year

prior to the auditions at a minimum. Two or Three years of preparation is even better.

You will be ready to both submit video auditions and participate in live college auditions and will have a great deal of satisfaction in the process due to your high level of audition preparation.

Coaching and Workshops

I work with many well known and well respected musical theater coaches, directors and accompanists. As your abilities as a performer grow, we will add these other experts in to your training in order to round-out your training as a singing performer for the musical theater stage. Often both I and these other professionals have excellent performance workshops that will enhance your education which you are receiving in the studio.

Who This Program Is Intended For

Young Singers Preparing for College

The Program is ideal for Middle School and High School students who aspire to apply to a well respected university or conservatory as a musical theater major. Students preparing for college are encouraged to begin this training program as early as possible. Intensive training with me over the span of several years will greatly increase your chances of being accepted into the finest of institutions.

In addition, through this training, you may increase your chances of qualifying for merit-based scholarships. Most importantly, a thorough training prior to college will protect your voice through your rigorous, rewarding and technically challenging vocal years in college.

Professional Musical Theater Performers

Many musical theater singers have huge gaps in their vocal training that should be mended in order to avoid vocal problems later in their careers. I have constantly great success with professional singers who need to upgrade their technical skills. We must work very diligently and intensively in order to overcome bad singing habits while a performer is still working; but it can be done provided the singer is committed to the program.

Community Theater Performers

Community theaters are highly competitive. A great deal of my student base consists of people who are not interested in the professional stage, yet want to perform in community theater. This program will give you a huge advantage in the Community Theater arena.

Fees For the GBVS Musical Theater Training

I offer significantly reduced pricing for the GVBS Musical Theater Program over my regular rates, since this this training is quite rigorous, requires a long-term commitment and is reserved for only the most serious of students.

The fee for this program is $400 per month, and is paid as monthly auto payments using either a credit card or PayPal.

Only hourly lessons are given in the Program. Thirty-minute lessons are not available.


If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason, it must be done within 24 hours of your lesson. Students enrolled in this program must make up canceled lessons within 8 weeks of cancellation, or the lesson is forfeited. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are automatically forfeited.

If you are going on vacation or need to have more than one week off consecutively for any reason, arrangements may be made with me in advance, and more lenient make up allowances can be made.

If I am out of town, or in the rare event that I need to cancel a lesson for any unforeseen circumstance, make up lessons will of course be offered.

Are you ready?

If you are ready, or have a son or daughter who is ready to take this important step to begin a legitimate, traditional, thorough and professional training in singing for the musical theater, then contact me to set up your first lesson.


Note: This program may not be used to log IVA teacher training hours.

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