How To Sing Across Your Break Smoothly

How To Sing Across Your Break Smoothly

How To Sing Across Your Break Smoothly

There are many different reasons people have difficulty moving from the lower register (chest voice) into the upper register (head voice) smoothly; but primarily it is a matter of the muscular systems of each register being antagonistic, or at odds with one another.

Try this experiment: starting in a comfortable speaking range somewhat low in your range, speak an “ah” vowel (as in the word “almond”).  Now in a medium loud volume (not too loud though), slide up your range making a sound like a drunk fire siren. Eventually you will probably either feel like you are yelling, or you will experience a yodeling type of flip as you move into your head register.

The goal is to smooth this passage out and to develop your voice so that it sounds like a blend of the two voices. This vocal sound is both powerful and free. A good voice teacher will be able to give you specialized exercises specific to your own vocal tendencies that will help you to develop this mixed voice and smooth out your breaks

No matter what anyone tells you, even with the best teacher and vocal method, learning how to sing across your break smoothly (especially at volumes necessary for professional singing) takes time, patience and a lot of practice.

But… if it was easy then everyone would do it and no one would even care, right?

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