Giving To Other Teachers

Giving To Other Teachers

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Many singing instructors spend half their time attacking other teachers, and the other half attacking every performing singer about how they sing. This is learned behavior. We see teachers we admire engaging in this kind of behavior and we come to an erroneous conclusion that attacking others makes us seem like we know something.

I had already learned how to be a vocal bitch by the time I was 18. All my favorite teachers talked trash about every other teacher and most singers. It was kind of a thing you did.

Having stopped that kind of behavior, I notice that my natural inclination is quite the opposite. I find myself highly supportive and naturally interested in the success of my colleagues, even the ones who are at odds with my own understanding of the way the voice works.

I only have so many hours in a day to teach. Since my own teaching lane is extremely narrow, if a singer is not looking to study what I teach, I am very keen to refer them to another teacher whom I perceive would serve their best interests. I love to give plenty of referrals to other singing teachers.

It could never occur to me to give referrals to others if I perceived them as competition. So instead I must be diligent to relate to other singing teachers as treasured colleagues rather than enemies.

I invite all teachers of singing who read this to join me in reclaiming the Joy of Singing. I invite you to support singers and singing teachers, even those whom you think are dead wrong in what they do.

We are already a small club. Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, making one’s living by teaching singing is as niche of an industry as one could find.

Why alienate each other? What good purpose does that kind of behavior ever serve? How much more good is accomplished when we become even a little disciplined in how we behave with one another, especially behind each other’s backs.

If your studio is not succeeding, I recommend that you make sure you are giving to other teachers rather than attacking them. I am absolutely certain that you will be much more successful in your profession if you do this. In fact, I’ve never seen giving fail.

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