Ear Training & Sight Singing Program

Ear Training & Sight Singing Program

I have a special program for singers who wish to focus their time and energy on ear training, sight singing and music theory.

The GBVS Ear Training & Sight Singing Program is an intensive, complete, thorough and systematic program for ear training and sight singing, that gets results.

The minimum commitment in the Program is six months; however, best results are obtained by students who train in the Program for 1 to 2 years.

Note: Students enrolled in the Classical Singing Program already have this module as part of their training.

Students in the Program take a one-hour lesson with me every week.

What the Program Includes

Singing Technique

The basis of ALL my singing programs is technique first.

I use the IVA system exclusively in my studio to train voices of all styles of music, including classical. You will use the exercises and tools you learn for the rest of your singing career.

The IVA singing method is the very best technique for preparing and maintaining your voice to withstand the challenges of singing all styles of music, as well as the singing the progressively challenging sight singing and ear training drills which we will use during your training in the Program.

You will learn:

  • to balance the different registers in your voice,
  • to support your singing voice using the traditional method of appoggio
  • to build vocal power at all dynamics,
  • to develop the so-called “singer’s formant” which enables you (over time) to be heard over an orchestra with no vocal strain,
  • To develop the ideal posture for singing, and much more.

Music Theory, Sight Singing and Ear Training

You will train your ear and your sight reading skills by using the solfege system (Do-Re-Mi ).

You will also be drilled using progressively challenging exercises that will ensure that your ability to read music (pitches and rhythms) is at the necessary level for a serious professional musician.

You will be given written homework and will be expected to have it completed and brought to your next lesson.

This training will give you the essential skills needed to work as a professional singing musician.

Who This Program Is Intended For

Young Singers Preparing for College

The Program is ideal for Middle School and High School students who aspire to apply to a well respected university or conservatory as a vocal performance major. Students preparing for college are encouraged to begin this training program as early as possible. Intensive theory, sight singing and ear training with me over the span of a year or more will greatly increase your ability to withstand the rigors of all the music theory and ear training that be required of you in college.

All Singers, Professional and Amateur

Many singers have little to no skills in musicianship, music theory, ear training or sight singing. These singers find that they feel like a fish out of water when confronted with the fact that their colleagues are much more fluent than they in the actual language of music. A thorough grounding in theory and musicianship aimed specifically for singers will give you confidence as a musician, and will enable you to read any sheet of music put in front of you. These are skills that every singer should possess.

Fees For the GBVS Sight Singing and Ear Training Program

I offer significantly reduced pricing for the GVBS Sight Singing and Ear Training Program over my regular rates, since this this training is quite rigorous, requires a long-term commitment and is reserved for only the most serious of students.

The fee for this program is $400 per month, and is paid as monthly auto payments using either a credit card or PayPal.

Only hourly lessons are taught in the Program. Thirty-minute lessons are not available.


If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason, it must be done within 24 hours of your lesson.

Students enrolled in this program must make up canceled lessons within 8 weeks of cancellation, or the lesson is forfeited. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are automatically forfeited.

If you are going on vacation or need to have more than one week off consecutively for any reason, arrangements may be made with me in advance, and more lenient make up allowances can be made.

If I am out of town, or in the rare event that I need to cancel a lesson for any unforeseen circumstance, make up lessons will of course be offered.

Are you ready?

If you are ready, or have a son or daughter who is ready to take this important step to begin a thorough and professional training in ear training, sight singing and music theory, then contact me to set up your first lesson.

Note: This program may not be used to log IVA teacher training hours.

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