A Healthy Body Means A Healthy Voice

A Healthy Body Means A Healthy Voice

A Healthy Body Means A Healthy Voice

Unlike other musicians, singers actually live inside  their instruments. A guitarist can simply change strings, or send the guitar in for a new fret if there are occasional problems; if a guitarist has an allergy attack, eats something that didn’t agree with them or had trouble sleeping the night before, the tone of their instrument is not necessarily affected.

A singer’s instrument on the other hand, is constantly at the effect of their own health and lifestyle. The singing voice requires a delicate balance between different systems in the body, and any of these systems can be easily compromised by things like acid reflux, allergies, colds, flus, lack of sleep, etc.

For many singers, little irritations such as chronic post nasal drip can make it feel as though they wake up to an entirely new instrument each day. Some of these seemingly minor ailments might even go unnoticed by non-singers.

If you are serious about singing, then you must be serious about vocal health.  You only get one voice, and if you want to sing your best every day, your voice needs to be at its healthiest. Although nutrition, exercise and proper rest can make a huge difference in your voice. Yet, there are some conditions that may not be controllable by simple lifestyle choices or vocal training.

If necessary, see a doctor or health care professional and find out what kinds of treatments may be necessary to keep your symptoms at bay.

Keep your body healthy and your voice will usually follow suit!

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