Dear Guy,

I just wanted to extend you a personal thank you for your expertise and fantastic vocal lessons. You seem to have done the impossible and trained me to turn around the opinion of a long time friend. It had always been the consensus that I couldn’t sing and shouldn’t even try.

On my trip back east, me and a few childhood friends decided to go out and do karaoke. I decided to get up there and do the classic “18 and Life” by Skid Row. Apparently it went rather well. Along with several “nice job’s” and high fives from strangers, the guy that once stated “you’re a great bass player and a great guitarist, but you should stop singing” pulled a total one eighty and told me what a great job I did with the song. I’ve found that once you lose someone as a supporter, they’re gone for good. The fact that I was able to turn around the opinion of someone with a negative opinion for about twenty five years is a miracle in my opinion. He was even playing the song on guitar later and telling me to sing along.

I know that you’ll respond that I put in the time and effort, but it wasn’t working with other vocal instructors. Only when I started studying with you and getting the correct exercises did I start progressing.

Thanks a lot! I hope all is well!
Rob Thompson
San Clemente



Guy is my daughter’s second voice teacher. The depth of his musical knowledge and gift of teaching was a perfect fit. Her vocal range is greater and has matured. Her passion is opera and he has an expertise in this area of music. Blessed to have found Guy.

Fullerton, CA

My daughter has been taking voice lessons with Guy for about 6 years. He has brought her voice to an unbelievable level. She is 18 years old, and when people listen to her sing, they are truly amazed with the beautiful tone and clarity of her voice. She has been asked to sing the National Anthem many times for schools, games, and local city Veteran’s Day celebrations. People from the audience will come up to her, with tears in their eyes, thanking her for singing it so beautifully. I am so thankful to Guy for the help he has given to my daughter. He is a gift and a treasure.

Kathleen S
Brea, CA

Guy is our granddaughter’s voice coach. She has worked with him for some time now and we enjoy her performances with the school choir. He has helped her develop a truly outstanding voice!

Norma A
Yorba Linda, CA

I have been playing music for over 40 years. Three years ago I decided it was time to get back into vocal lessons again as I was constantly blowing my voice out in live performance week after week. After doing my homework I chose Guy. I felt that I was very fortunate to have one of the best vocal teachers on Earth in my own backyard. I can tell you he has not only taken my voice to improved levels every week, but I have been able to sing four hour shows with no problems at all and with a range that I never had before. The best part is that I am having fun and with Guy’s support and knowledge I look forward to every lesson. Simply put, if you want the best go to Guy!

Kanoa W.
Trabuco Canyon, CA


At the age of 16, our son, Brian Silver, began taking voice lessons from Guy. We have been thrilled with the results, and Brian has said that Guy is a “miracle worker” in helping him improve his technique and range. After impressing the Music Department chairman with his ability and talent in vocal performance, Brian was accepted into Tulane University in New Orleans, as a Musical Theater major. He recently went on his first audition for a Universal Pictures movie and was immediately cast in a significant musical role. The movie Director, “Avenue Q’s” Jason Moore, commented that Brian was “obviously well-trained.” Brian’s dream is to act and sing professionally, and thanks to Guy, he has reached that goal, and this is just the beginning!

Thank you, Guy.

Mitch Silver

I began voice lessons with Guy in January 2009 as a way to rehabilitate my singing voice from thyroid cancer. I had a four octave range and was a coloratura soprano, who had a wonderful career regionally and professionally in such shows as “The Pirates of Penzance” (Daughter), “CATS” (Grisabella) and “Les Miserables”(Fantine and Cossette) at the Shubert Theater in LA, 1st National Tours, and Broadway Companies. After my two surgeries, I was physically unable to reach an octave and a half in my upper register. I just wanted to free my voice and accept what range I thought I had left, as all of 2008 I was unable to sing. As a singer my entire life, and as a vocal coach for 12 years, I wanted someone to listen, guide and gently ease me back into my passion.

Guy worked my voice and strengthened my technique through Speech-Level-Singing, AND opened my range! Within 10 months I found the courage to perform a benefit concert for the Orangewood Children’s Foundation entitled “I Have Dreamed.” This was my first one woman show, and it. Actually that was Guy’s idea! This year of 2010 I have been enjoying a vocal rebirth, currently in the making of two CD’s which will be recorded with Seattle Symphony.

I am thrilled to share that all four of my octaves have returned!!

On a personal note, Guy is a teacher who CARES. He is an intelligent teacher who clearly knows voice, and wants his students to succeed. It has been a divine pleasure to work with him, refer my past students to, and call my friend.

Janene Lovullo

From the moment I walked in the door for my first lesson with Guy, I knew I was in the right place. His welcoming studio is a pleasant precursor to his even more warm and wonderful personality. Guy has helped develop my voice to a place that makes the difference in this industry. I am a strong believer in the power of the Speech Level Singing Technique, and it’s wonderful to work with someone who has such a firm grasp of this technique. He has imbued me with the confidence I needed to go out and get the jobs I wanted. He doesn’t feel like a rigid disciplinarian teacher who “whips” you into shape, however, his work is just that effective, but presented with the support and council of a friend and coach. From opening night to online video voice lessons while I’m overseas, Guy has been there to keep my progression moving forward. Thank you, Guy!

Kathleen Hennessey
Currently Starring as Elphaba in WICKED, the Musical, at
Universal Studio Japan

I started taking lessons with Guy beginning 2006. I had no vocal background but wanted to sing my entire life. Today I am 50 years old. I auditioned for the Gospel Choir at Saddleback Church and was accepted in 2004. I could sing, but I was straining and always had a tired voice and hurt throat. I found Guy’s website on the internet about SLS and was really intrigued, so I called Guy and he gave me a very detailed explanation of what SLS could do for me but it was up to the individual on how much they practiced the teqnique. Today, I hit notes I never thought I could do, and sing songs which were way out of my reach.I am still in the process of learning, but it has been a wonderful experience. Guy encouraged me to sing Karaoke to get over my stage fright. I can say for being a beginner, I am very confident to sing in front of other people and I audition and sing places that were once a dream. Thank you Guy for your encouragement, and for the ease you give in my lessons to be comfortable singing and learning. It has been a wonderful experience and I would highly refer Guy to anyone who is searching for a vocal training, it is amazing.

Sandy Watt Mission Viejo, CA

I have been taking Lessons from Guy for over two years and he has been patient and professional from the 1st lesson. He is able to hone in on the specific area you need to work on in order to bring out the true potential of your voice. The Speech Level technique is designed to allow you to use your full range without damaging your vocal chords and Guy proficiently demonstrates the techniques making the learning process safe and rewarding. If you are a beginner, like I was or a seasoned pro Guy will work with you to improve your voice!

Luke Allen Gemini Studios


I studied with Guy for about a year, and felt my voice become stronger and more flexible than ever! He helped me open up my sound and break through some barriers that had been holding me back. Now I feel so much more confident about singing and got my first professional gig! I really believe in this style of teaching as it brings out the best in you using what you have naturally. I can sing for an extended period of time and not feel vocally strained or tired. It was a truly great experience!

KC Archer

Ever since I started studying with Guy a few months ago, I have found my vocals feeling more free and resonant with natural vibrato and little strain. I have an easier time singing with Speech-Level-Singing than with my previous techniques. Guy is an awesome and pleasant teacher who works well with his students!

Jon Paul Puno.

Learning with Guy was an eye-opening experience. It’s amazing how much your ability to sing develops when you learn the correct techniques to sing comfortably, rather than over-working your vocal chords and risking injury. Not only will you sound better, but you can also sing much longer without going hoarse at the end of the night. Guy is extremely professional, and a master of his craft. He has a true ear for music and vocals, and a very affable teaching personality.

Tarik Jalanbo

Hi Guy, Thought I would send you a testimonial as I greatly appreciate all you have done for me! I have been studying with Guy for almost a year now. Since starting with him I have noticed dramatic changes in my voice. I am have learned to sing with great ease and in a healthy manner. Now my voice is able to hold up for demanding performance schedules, where before my chords would get hoarse or tired. My range has expanded and I am able to sing songs I never would have attempted before. The technique has made it possible to sing all genres of music and has allowed me to accomplish new sounds and styles. I have been offered several more jobs and have had more opportunities to sing than ever! Guy never wastes time in lessons; every minute is worth while. Learning from him has boosted my confidence, has made singing easier, and has made performing more enjoyable. Thanks Guy!

Shannon McFarland

I began training with Guy very soon after a surgical procedure on my vocal chords. My initial intent was to have Guy perform voice rehab on my chords and overall technique. Not only was Guy able to guide me through this very emotional time, but he also provided a deep understanding of how the voice heals and responds to this specialized training. Guy helped return the confidence back in me and my voice. I’m back, thanks in part to Guy Babusek. Thanks again Guy!

Bobby Loux
performer/musician/recording artist

After repeating the cycle of damanging my voice with my weekend singing, recovering from hoarseness during the week, only to go back to more vocal damage the next weekend, I limped into Guy’s studio simply so that I could get out of this cycle before these damages became permanent. Not only did Guy teach me to sing safely and heathily, he also helped me gain a richer tone in my voice. As I continued with Guy, I’ve also learned to sing with strength from my lowest to my highest notes without an obvious break. Now I can sing for hours at a time, days in a row, without strain in my voice.I only wish I had discovered Guy earlier in my singing career! I’ve been back in the studio these past few weeks working on my next CD. Last Wednesday I did lead vocals for 6 songs from 10am to 5pm with just a short lunch break, and my voice never got tired! In my past life, my producer would notice a degradation in my voice after about an hour, so then we’d have to take a big long break to rest my voice, try again, rest, etc. My producer told me last week that my voice never goes down in quality throughout the day anymore. I could have never done 6 record-quality lead vocals in one day previously–more like one or two songs a day! That alone makes lessons with Guy worth every penny I’ve paid.

Junko Cheng

Ever since childhood I’ve felt hindered by a very limited vocal range. For the past several years I firmly believed I had found the highest limit of my range and there was no way I could take it further. My voice would wear out after about an hour of band rehearsal, and some of the high notes during gigs would be a hit-or-miss. I had reservations going into my first vocal lesson ever, which was a lesson with Guy set up by a friend as a Christmas gift. The exercises he specifically tuned for my voice seemed weird at first, but doing these exercises every morning in my car I suddenly found myself singing louder, higher, more powerfully, and with less effort. I now endure several hours of band rehearsal, full power, with no sweat. I have more confidence on stage knowing my voice will carry every time. I’ve only had two SLS lessons so far and have already booked my next one, and I can’t wait to see what the next session is going to unlock from my voice. Thanks Guy!

Pete Nguyen

Before I began taking lessons with Guy, I struggled with a limited range, having to flip into “falsetto” all the time, when I reached “the end,” resulting in less power and control. It has only been two months, and I have already seen a huge improvement. I have been able to gain more confidence knowing that I have learned the correct techniques to carry me through each song. My friends and family even noticed what a difference the lessons have made, and want to immediately begin taking lessons with Guy. Guy offers strong solid technical results that can be recaptured outside the voice studio. He is passionate about teaching and strives to help his students achieve their goals. I am extremely pleased with the results that I have seen since taking voice lessons with Guy and I highly recommend him!

Jennifer Yamamoto

I remember the fear I felt when I picked up the phone to schedule my first meeting with Guy. Today I have done well over 15 sessions with Guy, and couldnot be happier. I recently played the first cd I made with Guy, unbelievable! to hear how much better I sound now, I cannot WAIT to see what I sound like in 6 months!!!

Will S.

After trying many different trainers and techniques, I finally found the right one. Not only are lessons with Guy lots of fun, they’re very effective as well! I used to get hoarse after three or four songs, now I can sing for hours with my new expanded range. I also get compliments for my “richer sounding voice”. SLS with Guy Babusek is the way to go!

Levi B.

I have to admit when I first started with Guy I had some doubts, especially when we would do the warm ups with sounds I made as a child playing in the dirt but the results, the results have been amazing. Guy’s teaching is very clear, and concise with every step explained. Through the techniques he has taught and the patience he has shown I have become a very confident singer.

Mark J.

Simply put, Guy Babusek is the best! I came to see Guy three years ago because I was having issues with “losing” my voice due to years of mis-use when teaching. With Guy’s help, the vocal nodes I had developed completely disappeared in about six months. My speaking voice became richer and healthier, and I could speak for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued. Not only did my speaking voice improve, but so did my singing. That same year, with Guy’s help, I was featured as a singer on television and professional theater. Thanks Guy!

Jennelle Wax

My daughter Sarah has worked with a few vocal teachers and none of them were able to improve her vocal range. I have been impressed with what Guy has been able to do for her within this area as well as improving her overall performance. It has lead to better audition results which is of course one of Sarah’s goals. I would highly recommend Guy.

Lysa Schulte

Guy showed me what I was doing wrong onstage and how to correct it. He has given me the confidence I need as a singer to know that now I have the range and technique I need to put on a great performance.

David Lee

Dear Guy, thank you so much for all you’ve taught me.For years I’ve been playing in bands but just as the guitarist. Now I feel I have the confidence to try singing lead in a new project. thanks again for being my teacher!! Darren Mayes I have studied off and on with Guy for a couple of months and already I have improved immensely. In every lesson, I learn a new aspect of my voice. He has taught me to trust in the unique techniques and commit to the exercises. He is also encouraging when I have trouble believing in myself which really motivates me to push through and work harder. After every lesson, I improve in my tone, quality, and range. I know if I can work with Guy on a more consistent basis, I will achieve my potential and have the tools to succeed out in the entertainment industry. I am grateful to have found a wonderful vocal coach.

Jennifer Presno

Hi Guy, It’s been a while. Thanks for the lessons they helped me out a lot. I learned how to effectively sing using a microphone and found a vocal tone that was much more appropriate for my alternative rock band than what I had been using before my lessons with you. I’ve had positive feedback about having found my voice. Plus the exercises were fun. I look forward to when I have some time for more lessons. Thanks again!

Dan Riches
Guitarist/Singer Songwriter Driftwood

I started studying with guy with no prior lessons. Guy was patient with me and never made me feel my lack of experience. Through the lessons I’ve improved my range, freedom, and confidence. Plus lessons are just fun. I think if you love singing and want to improve, you have to try to get some training.

Nancy Ly

Before I started my lessons with Guy, I had lost the joy of singing. I was fearful of “cracking” and felt defeated. Guy’s teaching and the speech level approach made all the difference. With Guy’s assistance I have strengthened my vocal cords and I find that I am now more confident in my abilities. Most importantly, the joy is back!

Mauri Olsen
Laguna Beach

“Before going to Guy I had zero singing experience. I had never been in a choir, never taken lessons, and never actually tried to seriously sing. I would bang on my chest voice until I lost my voice, or until it just hurt too much to continue. After about a year with Guy the difference is night and day. I now sing for my rock band, I have confidence that I never had before, and my range went from non existent to three octaves and climbing. Vocal lessons are like going to the gym, having that seasoned personal trainer makes all the difference in getting the results you want, and Guy is one of the best at what he does.

Trevor Koch
Singer/Guitarist of She Screams Remedy shescreamsremedy

Through Guy’s enthusiasm, positive attitude, gift for teaching and amazing technique I have learned more in 6 months than in the previous 14 years with other teachers. Singing is my passion but I always felt something was missing and I couldn’t identify it. Within a few months of Guy’s teachings I not only knew what was missing I was able to correct it and am on my way to becoming the singer I always dreamt of being.

Lynn Semelsberger

Guy is a very thorough instructor. He has quite an ear for a developing voice and he knows what exercises to use to strengthen your voice without straining it. It’s singing made a lot easier!

Evan Rowe
Orange County

I believe the speech-level singing technique is very effective. I have experienced great results since working with Guy, in several styles of music, including classical, contemporary Christian, standards and jazz. My voice has become stronger, and my range has increased since working with him. Guy understands and communicates the speech-level technique very well. But besides being an excellent clinician, I really appreciate how encouraging and humorous he is. He creates a very supportive environment in our lessons, which has put me at ease, and helped me grow as a student.

Julie Aird

Guy is absolutely amazing! He has equipped me with the tools and the confidence to take my voice to new levels. And not only have I noticed the difference, but others are also commenting on the improvement. I took years of lessons from a variety of teachers but continued to struggle with some besetting vocal weaknesses, especially in my higher range. After just a handful of lessons with Guy, I auditioned for a demanding role in a stage musical–and got it! I don’t duck-and-cover when I reach for those high notes anymore, and if I do botch them, I know how to make the correction–for the first time in my life! It has been a thrilling process. Guy is gifted, fun, honest, challenging, encouraging, practical, and patient, and I highly recommend him as a vocal coach every chance I get!

Colleen Langley
San Bernardino, CA