How Much Is Singing Worth To You?


How Much Is Singing Worth To You?

Do you want to be the greatest singer you can be? Do you really? If that’s truly your goal, then your behavior will reflect your desire. If you truly want what you say you want, then everything that would lead you to your goal would be a priority; and everything that is a detriment to your goal would be eliminated.

I had a teacher who used to say “Sayin’ ain’t doin’.”  I had another teacher who used to say “Becoming a great musician doesn’t happen by wishing.”

Everything in this world has a price. Your goal of becoming the greatest singer you can be has its own price. You alone must determine whether you are willing to pay that price.

Is achieving your goal worth doing your daily practice?

For my first eight years in singing, I was constantly holed up in the practice rooms, my bedroom, my car, or wherever I could get the smallest bit of privacy, practicing. In those days, there were no MP3s, I had audio cassette tapes of my lessons. I wore out tape after tape, practicing the material my teacher gave me, again and again. I was determined to become as good as I could be. I was focussed like a laser beam on my practice.

If singing is important to you, then you will be laser focussed on your daily practice; you will show a great interest in achieving your desire, by not only practicing daily, but practicing with great enthusiasm, care and determination to achieve your goal: to be the greatest singer you can be.

Is achieving your goal worth attending lessons each and every week?

My parents were good to me, but they had limited resources. They only gave me only ONE extra curricular activity, and that was piano lessons. I remain grateful to my parents to this day for giving me an early musical education and, despite my occasional protests, being very adamant that I practice my piano daily without fail.

All my singing instruction had to be paid by me alone. I started lessons as a teen, by getting a job to pay for my lessons. As a young adult, I gave up a lot of things like buying extra fun things, or going out with my friends partying, in order that I could have the funds necessary to pay for my weekly lessons.

I knew that to excel in singing, that I must study privately with a good teacher, and that those lessons did not come cheaply. In the midst of a horrible recession during the 1980s, I still managed to find a way to pay for my weekly voice lessons. “I can’t afford it” was simply not an excuse that was going to stand in my way.

If you  REALLY want something, you will find a way to pay for it.  If you truly want to become the greatest singer you can be,  then you will find a way to make it happen financially and not let “I can’t afford it” stand in your way either.

Is achieving your goal worth giving up some of your “favorite” things?

I grew up in a generation and a location where it seemed everyone smoked. It was just something we all did. I was, like most people I knew, hooked on cigarettes at a very young age. My singing teacher explained to me that because I was young, the cigarettes didn’t seem to be making that big of a difference in my voice YET.  She explained that it was just a matter of time until my smoking ruined my voice. I had to make a choice: did I want to sing or did I want to smoke? I couldn’t do both. I quit my beloved tobacco because my voice was more important to me than my smoking was. Quitting smoking was a very tough thing for me, but I did it. I have never returned to cigarettes again. Luckily I quit before I damaged my voice.

What are some of the things in your life that are standing between you and your goal of becoming the greatest singer you can be? Perhaps you have acid reflux that is aggravated by drinking coffee. Which is more important to you, coffee or singing? Perhaps you frequently lose your voice because you are involved in things like cheerleading. What’s more important to you, cheerleading or singing?

It may be time for you to take an honest look at the behaviors in your life and determine which ones are at odds with your stated goal. Then ask yourself, “which is most important to me?” If it’s singing, then giving up those other things should be something you do with pleasure (albeit some difficulty). If singing is not worth giving up certain behaviors, then perhaps singing is not as important to you as you say it is.

If good, healthy, beautiful singing came out of a can, I would be selling lots of cans every day. Singing does NOT come out of a can, however. Good singing comes out of your desire and determination to sing well. It’s within YOU to become your best. Anything good requires sacrifice.

If what you desire is not worth the sacrifice to you, then I would suggest you stop torturing yourself by claiming that you have a goal that isn’t really there, and find something that you are passionate about.

If you want something with enough passion, then the sacrifices you must make for it will be made willingly and joyfully. It’s time to be honest with yourself and answer the question, How much is singing worth to you?

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