Dos & Dont’s

Dos & Dont’s

Please DO:

Avoid dairy products and orange juice the day of a performance.

Avoid places with toxic substances in the air (chemicals, tar, etc.).

Stay relaxed (avoid stress), especially in thedays before a performance.

Eat a healthy diet (plenty of good protein, fresh fruits and vegetables).

Get plenty of rest especially two days before a performance.

Drink plenty of water.

Train with a qualified teacher regularly.

Speak at your own pitch (as in agreeing with someone by saying “mmm-hmm”).

Vocalize daily.

Warm up properly before singing.

See a qualified ENT if you have prolonged hoarseness.

Sing softly (mark) new songs when you are first learning them.

Support your singing voice properly.

Keep your larynx in a comfortable resting posture while singing
(don’t let it lock down or jam up).

Please DON’T

Belt songs with pure chest voice above your passageClear your throat continually.Drink alcohol on or before the day of a performance.“Pull” the chest-voice (if you are chronically hoarse after singing, see a teacher!).

Cough excessively.

Drink coffee directly before a performance, especially if you are sensitive to it.

Smoke any substance.

Talk a lot on the day of a performance.

Try to talk or sing over a chest cold or laryngitis.

Try to talk over loud noise, (like in bars, amusement parks, big parties, etc.).

Try to sing if it hurts to swallow.

Whisper loudly or sing in a “breathy” voice for prolonged periods of time.


Use recreational drugs and/or mind-altering drugs before singing.

Try to change your natural speaking voice (make it lower or raspy)

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