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Spilling the Tea About Vocal Training

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Spilling the Tea About Vocal Training– When learning to play a musical instrument, a student must work with a teacher in systematic, methodical and progressive manner, over time, in order to achieve proficiency on their chosen instrument. Unfortunately, in singing, there is a pernicious and erroneous idea that vocal training is not actually necessary. All too often […]

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Voice Teachers Aren’t Doctors

Here is my latest blog post for the Institute for Vocal Advancement: I have witnessed voice teachers in the past saying things like “I don’t hear any nodules, so you’re fine,” “I can give you some therapeutic exercises that will heal your vocal damage,” or “My diagnosis is you have a polyp and need some […]

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A Healthy Body Means A Healthy Voice


A Healthy Body Means A Healthy Voice Unlike other musicians, singers actually live inside  their instruments. A guitarist can simply change strings, or send the guitar in for a new fret if there are occasional problems; if a guitarist has an allergy attack, eats something that didn’t agree with them or had trouble sleeping the […]

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The Voice: A Miraculously Complex Musical Instrument

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Each musical instrument has both a vibrating mechanism and a resonating mechanism. The vibrating mechanism is the source of the sound waves, and the resonating mechanism refines, augments and amplifies those sound waves giving the instrument its unique tonal character. A few things that make the voice vastly different from every other instrument include the […]

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