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Vocal Training

Spilling the Tea About Vocal Training

Spilling the Tea About Vocal Training When learning to play a musical instrument, a student must work with a teacher in systematic, methodical and progressive manner. Musicians train gradually, over time to achieve proficiency on their chosen instrument. Vocal training has the same requirements for discipline than any other instrument. The erroneous ideas Unfortunately, in […]

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Better Singing With Vocalises

Better Singing With Vocalises — Étude is a French word, meaning “study.” Most études are short musical compositions which present the musician with specific technical challenges, the mastery of which develop the particular skills for which the étude was composed. It is common for great instrumentalists to include playing études in their daily practice. In vocal music, an étude […]

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Old School Vocal Training

Old School Vocal Training: The majority of students studying singing are interested in developing a sturdy singing technique which will keep their voices strong and healthy for their careers in popular music and musical theater. While any good vocal training can be quite challenging, singers of popular music go through a somewhat  different process than those who […]

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Healthy Belting

Healthy Belting “Sing your high notes loudly and with force, as if you are calling for a taxi,” “Sing your high notes as if you are a cheerleader yelling at a game.” “Never leave your chest voice as you are singing the highest notes in your song.” “Feel as though all of your high notes are […]

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Voice Teachers Aren't Doctors

Here is my latest blog post for the Institute for Vocal Advancement: I have witnessed voice teachers in the past saying things like “I don’t hear any nodules, so you’re fine,” “I can give you some therapeutic exercises that will heal your vocal damage,” or “My diagnosis is you have a polyp and need some […]

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Voice Lessons in Orange County

How I Became A Voice Teacher

As a professional singer, there was something fun and exciting about living from gig to gig when I was in my late teens and ’20s; but as I was nearing my ‘30s and entering my second decade of my performing, I noticed that my enthusiasm for the lifestyle of a professional singer was waning considerably. […]

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