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Vocal Placement

Vocal Placement

What is vocal placement? Many of the older traditions of singing described how a singer must concentrate their sound. These singers often discussed the experience of this focused point of sound which could be perceived viscerally and locally in their bodies. As a singer advanced, they would eventually become capable of willing this sound into various […]

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Developing the pharyngeal voice

Developing the Pharyngeal Voice the Old Way

Developing the pharyngeal voice The sounds I am making in the attached recording will probably sound at once bizarre and comical to you. This is especially true if you’ve never heard an old-school advanced pharyngeal workout before. Developing the pharyngeal voice in a traditional manner is a process that takes many years. Please remember, that […]

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Concone: A Tradition of Beautiful Singing

Concone If you have ever studied classical singing, it is possible that you are familiar with the Concone books of solfeggi. The most famous of these books is Opus 9: Fifty Lessons. Giuseppe Concone was born in 1810 in the city of Turin. He had his musical education in his home town, where he continued […]

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Training for Tours

Training for Tours: An Old World Approach

Singers are athletes When training for tours, a singer must have an intense regimen. The touring requirements in our industry have become more extreme than ever. Artists whose voices aren’t “tour ready” before they go on the road run a great risk for vocal injury. No athlete would ever avoid intensive preparation for their events. […]

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