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Spilling the Tea About Vocal Training

Voice Lessons Orange County

Spilling the Tea About Vocal Training– When learning to play a musical instrument, a student must work with a teacher in systematic, methodical and progressive manner, over time, in order to achieve proficiency on their chosen instrument. Unfortunately, in singing, there is a pernicious and erroneous idea that vocal training is not actually necessary. All too often […]

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Powerful Singing: Volume Vs. Intensity


Powerful Singing: Volume Vs. Intensity One thing that seems to cause confusion in singing is the difference between intensity and volume. Often a singer will try to get an intense tone by pulling their chest voice higher and higher through their range. This, over the short term, can cause vocal strain; and over the long term it can cause vocal […]

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A Few Thoughts on Vibrato

How to Sing Better

A Few Thoughts on Vibrato Vibrato is a slight oscillation in both pitch and intensity that occurs spontaneously in a well-balanced singing voice. Ideally, vibrato is the result of  the interaction between the vibrations at the vocal folds and the slight vibrations at the diaphragm. The result of these two simultaneous vibrations the a vocal vibrato: a natural […]

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