Balancing Technique And Style


Balancing Technique And Style I spend a great deal of time discussing vocal balance. Much of the time, the vocal balance being discussed has to do with technical things like balancing air and muscle, balancing edge and resonance, balancing breath support and laryngeal release, and so on. Yet one of the most important and most challenging of singing skills is balancing technique […]

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Performing With A Healthy Singing Technique


Performing With A Healthy Singing Technique: When I am vocalizing a rock singer and the technique is sounding very balanced, the question often arises, “how am I supposed to sing a rock song like this?” That is a valid question. Very few styles (including opera by the way) sing with the exact degree of vocal […]

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Old School Vocal Training


Old School Vocal Training: The majority of students studying singing are interested in developing a sturdy singing technique which will keep their voices strong and healthy for their careers in popular music and musical theater. While any good vocal training can be quite challenging, singers of popular music go through a somewhat  different process than those who […]

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Powerful Singing: Volume Vs. Intensity


Powerful Singing: Volume Vs. Intensity One thing that seems to cause confusion in singing is the difference between intensity and volume. Often a singer will try to get an intense tone by pulling their chest voice higher and higher through their range. This, over the short term, can cause vocal strain; and over the long term it can cause vocal […]

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How Long Does Vocal Training Take?

Vocal Training

How Long Does Vocal Training Take? The one question that wins out as the most frequently asked question of all is “How long will these lessons take before I can sing well?” My answer is always the same: “I have absolutely no idea.” Success in vocal training really depends on several factors, including: a) the student’s inherent […]

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