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“If you’re not training at the Guy Babusek Vocal Studio,
…you should be.”

Voice Lessons Orange County

Guy Babusek has been giving professional Voice Lessons  in Orange County, and world-wide via Skype, since 1998.


Guy is a certified Master Teacher of Singing with the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).

* Give your voice a professional edge.

* Sing through your entire range without any breaks.

* Perform with power and passion.

* Build stamina to sing several shows per week.

* Avoid fatigue or damage to your voice.

* All Styles of Music                            

* All Levels: Beginner to Professional

* Vocal Training that builds a powerful, versatile and healthy singing voice.

Train with Guy either in person at his studio in Central Orange County, or online via Skype.

Anyone can significantly improve their vocal range, endurance, stamina, breath-control, resonance, vocal power and voice quality.

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The Guy Babusek Vocal Studio is located by South Coast Plaza in the South Coast Metro area of SantaAna (close to the 73, 405 and 55 freeways). Costa Mesa, Irvine and Newport Beach are immediate neighboring communites.  Students in northern cities such as Anaheim, Anaheim Hills and Fullerton as well as to the south such as Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo and Corona Del Mar find his centrally located studio easy to access.national association of teachers signing